Sun-Maid – The Taste of Sunshine in Every Box.

Emirates Snack Foods is delighted to announce the arrival of Sun-Maid, a brand steeped in over a century of tradition in producing the highest quality dried fruits. Sun-Maid, renowned for its naturally sweet and nutritious raisins, has joined our family of distinguished brands to offer the UAE a taste of California’s sun-drenched vineyards. As a beloved household name, Sun-Maid prides itself on its commitment to simplicity and natural processes. It brings products to your table that are as close to their original form—raisins and sunshine.

Beyond their classic raisins, Sun-Maid’s portfolio blossoms with various other dried fruits, each packed with natural flavors and essential nutrients. From the vine to your home, Sun-Maid ensures that its fruits are grown, harvested, and packaged with the utmost care, preserving their inherent goodness. These delightful products are perfect for a nutritious snack on the go, a healthy addition to lunchboxes, or as a natural sweetener in baking and cooking. The versatility and pureness of Sun-Maid products align with Emirates Snack Foods’ dedication to providing better-for-you options that don’t compromise on taste.

With the introduction of Sun-Maid, Emirates Snack Foods continues to expand its portfolio with brands that embody quality, nutrition, and flavor. Sun-Maid raisins and dried fruits are a testament to our commitment to bringing the best of the world to the UAE market. We are excited for our customers to discover the natural, wholesome enjoyment that Sun-Maid products offer. Whether you’re topping off your cereal, mixing it into your favorite recipes, or snacking straight from the box, Sun-Maid promises to add a burst of fruity delight to your everyday eating habits.