Hershey’s joins ESF!

Emirates Snack Foods proudly welcomes Hershey’s into the ever-growing ESF family.

Hershey’s offers a diverse range of brands and products because consumers are looking for different snacking experiences. They are committed to providing choices that meet their evolving needs and transparent about what we put inside our products and why.

As you might have guessed, Hershey’s chocolate products are made primarily of four ingredients: farm-fresh milk, cocoa, nuts, and sugar. These four ingredients account for 80% of their ingredient volume. Every ingredient used by Hershey undergoes a rigorous process from sourcing to production to ensure they only use the best quality—as they have since the beginning.

Wherever you are in the world, the sweet wonders and wholesome goodness of Hershey are never far away. From scrumptious recipes and family activities to history’s most amazing collection of chocolate and candy confections, there’s something for everyone. Come on in and explore!