ESF welcomes ‘Bragg’ – the World’s No. 1 Choice for Organic Wellness Products.

Emirates Snack Foods is excited to welcome ‘Bragg’ to our esteemed collection of brands, solidifying our position as purveyors of the UAE’s number one health and wellness products. Bragg, a pioneering brand with over a century of legacy in organic and natural health products, aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering excellence and nutritional value to our customers. It is a brand that has earned its reputation by providing generations with sustainable health solutions. Now, it sets its roots in the UAE to continue its tradition of excellence.

Known for its celebrated Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Bragg does not just offer a product but a promise of purity, health, and longevity. This iconic vinegar, replete with the ‘Mother’, represents the zenith of Bragg’s dedication to quality. It is accompanied by many other products, including zestful seasonings, invigorating health beverages, and savory salad dressings, all designed to enrich your diet with healthful ingredients and robust flavors.

By introducing Bragg into the Emirates Snack Foods family, we reaffirm our mission to foster a culture of healthy living in the UAE. Bragg is the number one brand for those who seek to balance their modern lifestyle with nourishing, organic food choices. We are delighted to offer our customers the gold standard in nutritional products and invite them to join us in embracing the wholesome goodness of Bragg – where every product is an embodiment of health and a testament to our promise of quality and care.